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About the SatoExchange Platform

Crypto currency exchange trading alt coins in BTC, ETH, USDT, LTC and DOGE pairs. SatoExchange brings reasons for traders to be fully involved in active crypto-trading.

Easy to use

We probably bring the most user friendly and mobile friendly design into crypto currency trading. Satoexchange makes it all easy.

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Safe & Secure

We put more concern and priority to security. Ensuring your account's safety and security is our biggest strategy

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Fully Decentralized

Trades are all decentralized and peer-to-peer which means you do not trade directly with SatoExchange. Prices are fully order-book oriented.

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Fast & Efficient

Our orders processing engine are swift in processing your trades and can process as many as possible orders you can work with.

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Core Features

SatoExchange brings more to crypto trading

We are a team of dedicated members established together with the aim of bringing the future of crypto currency trading to the world of today.


Strong Securitty

Our team focuses much on the security of data and assets of our customers. Your accounts are protected with your password, additional layer with PIN and Google 2FA infrastructure.


Stop Loss

Stop loss is a feature that enables traders set or automate a sell in a market if the price goes below a certain amount. This puts you incharge even when you are not online


Mobile Responsiveness

Our trading interface suites all devices. This means traders can trade with any device, any platform, any OS, any where, any time, any day. Interface is strongly user-friendly


Balance Transfers

Members can trasfer balances to one another without withdrawaing or depositing save the members from paying withdrawal fees. Transfers confirm immediately they are processed


High Performace

Our system uses the latest performace infrastructures to ensure fast processing of your orders. Orders can be processed at up to 1,200,000 orders per seconds.


Up time

Our trading platform and orders processing machines are always available. Trades are processed 24/7. This means you can trade any time of the day.

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